The 100 Mission Lambskin Bomber Jacket | The Type A2

Posted by American Mystique on 29th Jan 2019

The 100 Mission Lambskin Bomber Jacket | The Type A2

100 Mission A2 Bomber Jacket by The CockPitUSA

The 100 Mission A2 Bomber Jacket is unquestionably a superb piece of men’s rugged looking apparel. It’s one of the trademarks of men’s super high quality jackets made in the world today. And we are indeed fortunate to still have such a high quality leather jacket made in the USA.

This is the jacket you wear when you want top show off, take you girl to dinner, or walk into an important meeting. This is the jacket that other men stare at and instantly wish they had one just like it. It’s a cut above the others. One of the very few bomber jackets that actually has its own fans!

That 100 Mission look. That special antiqued, battle worn, vintage look that is so sought after in leather. You look like you just stepped out of the plane from another long mission that went to Hell and Back, and you survived to return. This jacket produces that important alpha-male look that always impresses everyone. A truly Man’s-man jacket that comes with its own kind of unique style and glory.

The CockPit, the manufacturer of this fine jacket, takes careful aim at producing those natural bruises and irregularities such a 100 Mission Type A2 would have coming from such a history. The 100 Mission A2 Bomber Jacket naturally reflects a long service and quickly becomes a prized possession, with the look and feel of an old friend.

Walk into any room wearing such a magnificent jacket, and everyone knows it you because of its famous “command presence”. When you wear such inspired skill and unique styling, you own the world around you.