Posted by American Mystique on 28th Jul 2017

Nylon & Bomber Jackets | Military use | Civilian Market

Nylon is a unique material, nylon is used with stockings and clothing of all types. Event nylon bomber jackets. The fabric is recognized for being flexible, thin, but also valued for its toughness and durability. The properties in nylon make it the first choice over many natural options, such as cotton and wool.


Nylon started as a cheaper, more durable alternative to silk. And with a lot of inventions there was a surprise result. It turns out Nylon is much tougher than silk, as well as cotton and wool. Nylon is a sturdy material, fire-retardant and resistant to abrasion. During World War II, nylon was used solely for the war because it was turned out to be so useful. Today you still see people wearing nylon bomber jackets.

Resists Moisture

Nylon is naturally water-resistant. Instead of absorbing and retaining moisture like natural fibers, nylon tends to shed the water from the surface. This makes all the difference with mold and mildew buildup. This makes It's a top choice for use in everything from hiking apparel to shower curtains.


Being that nylon is a man-made synthetic, the material is inherently less expensive. It may not carry the same fashion sense as merino wool or cashmere. However, nylon can be made to achieve a similar feel. This means that clothing made from nylon generally cost less than items made from comparable natural sources.  For a great price, check out our Nylon Bomber jackets 

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