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Posted by American Mystique on 10th Jan 2020

Turn a Frog into a Prince | AmericanMystique.com

Being in business for twenty years has always brought us insights into the apparel world. The most interesting has been the steady influence and desire for purchasing American Made leather bomber jackets and sheepskin bomber jackets.

Year after year, we at American Mystique are constantly amazed at the public’s craving for World War II style military jackets. Yet, that continued yearning is easy to understand in some ways. After WWI, the Army and Marine issued “Trench Coat” captured the imagination of the apparel world in the United States and its still the most sought after coat within the business world.

After WWII, this apparel phenomenon continued with the A2 Bomber Jacket, the G1 Flight Jacket, and the B3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket (known as the Shearling). The A2 Leather bomber jacket was issued to members of the U.S. Army Air Corps. The G1 Leather Flight Jacket was issued to U.S. Navy and Marine personnel, with the Sheepskin Bomber Jacket issued to both fighter pilots and bomber crews.

Even Infantry commanders loved the look of these leather bomber jackets so much, many managed to get one issued to them personally. Even General Patton ordered up a B3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket just for himself. General Eisenhower was photographed wearing both the A2 Bomber and G1 Flight Jackets on different occasions, General Montgomery was often seen with a RAF Bomber Jacket on his shoulders, along with many British officers. General MacArther loved his A2 Bomber Jacket given to him by his Air Commander, General Kenney and he often wore it in the tropics despite the heat. Admiral Halsey was often photographed wearing his G1 Flight Jacket. B17 bomber pilots soon took to the ANJ-4 sheepskin bomber jacket with the rest of the crew wearing their B3 Sheepskin Bombers.

Today, all of these WWII issued styles are still popular. Why, you ask? Because they are not only warm, but they are pure stylish and make any wearer look as sharp as a tack! There is no denying that any guy can put on an A2 leather bomber jacket and look great! There is the sense of adventure and confidence about the wearer that just does not come with any other style of jacket. You just look the part!

Any of these leather bomber jackets can be worn into any board room and you will hear the room grow quiet. Not because you failed to wear a suit, but because these jackets bleed authority and project a no nonsense attitude. An A2 bomber jacket or a G1 leather flight jacket is as masculine as it comes and both feature an impression of power and control. You put on an A2 leather bomber jacket, and its says to everyone, “don’t mess with me”, or “lets get to business and it better be good.”

The A2 Bomber Jacket, the G1 Flight Jacket, and the B3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket are not only the stuff of adventure and legend, they are the top fashion of real men. They can make the average look high grade. A good leather bomber jacket can even turn the frog into the Prince. That is why they stay popular and that is why you need one.