Afghan Withdraw by U.S. Troops | American Mystique

Posted by American Mystique on 2nd Sep 2021

Afghan Withdraw by U.S. Troops | American Mystique

Once again, U.S. Armed Forces performed admirably in their ordered withdraw from Afghanistan. What they accomplished was astounding!

However, at the very top leaders, you know, those who set strategies and policies have failed. They not only dropped the ball, but left Americans behind and American Allies behind, whole families were left behind.

The question is what will their lives be like under the Taliban and Isis with no American Troops to protect them from harm?

The Men to made these policies each failed his flag and his nation. More sadly, each of them have also failed to take any personal or team responsibility. Each of them are so vain they don’t understand the simple fact: America does not suffer losers. Most Americans can recall Super Bowl Winners or even National College Football Champions. But, the losers are seldom remembered and we have to look them up on a stat sheet to remember who our Champions played on that day they won it all.

America has never suffered Generals who fail. Americans don’t like Generals who get defeated by their own devices or who are in charge of failed operations. Those generals in the past, those leaders who failed, are either directly fired or asked to resign, or sent home to wait for orders that never come.

But in our modern day, these high ranking 4-star exhibitionists will get pay raises, high paying pensions and praise from the current President who boosts pretensions of being some form of supreme commander.

Not one of them stood in front of the Press’ cameras and resigned rather than keep their true honor, because they showed they have no honor through their mimicking of the pretensions of some successful imagined bravado and victory.

Through their own exaggeration and conceit, they thought they had won.  It was a strange case of the Troops performing their job, their duty, and accomplishing much that other nations could not.  Yet, the leaders failed.

But there was no victory, no celebratory parades, no pat on the backs, or hail fellow well met.

Just a lot of questions about their true defeatist policies.