Are Mickey & Donald More Than Friends? | American Mystique

Posted by Opinion Piece by American Mystique on 1st Apr 2022

Are Mickey & Donald More Than Friends? | American Mystique

When it comes to agreeing or disagreeing with proposed Legislation or passed Legislation, you must first “read” the Legislative Bill in order to understand its language and what is in it for the public, and what is the legislative language’s purpose and intent. Remember Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s famous comment about the Health Care Bill, “We’ll have to read the Bill after we pass it to see what is in it.” Famous last words that the Disney Corporation failed to do. Even the LGBTQ+ and any Pan Sexual (whatever) or Poop-Thinking-Idiots utterly failed to read any of the Florida legislation under question regarding teaching ultra-young kids about sexuality in the classroom.

Its Opponents call it the “Don’t say Gay Bill”. The words of the Bill don’t say that, far from it. But Florida's H.B. 1557 Bill or the Parental Rights in Education Law opponents always insist on calling the law the “Don’t say Gay Bill”. And what is really worse, is the fact that the Disney Corporation appears to be in favor of teaching young under age grade schoolers to be Gay or Lesbian, or even some Queer-weird-Pan-Sexual-whatever-that-means. . .

This is now big-time cultural combat if you will, as The Disney folks think it perfectly fine for any teacher to engage Kindergarteners in discussions regarding the touchy subject of Gender identity in the classroom and to have teachers engage 2nd graders in sexual orientation. Really?

Plus, the LGBTQ+ community have coerced the Disney Corporation to go into overdrive to back their efforts financially. Disney now says that “Hello Boys and Girls and Ladies and Gentlemen” will no longer be used in the Disney lexicon and more LGBTQ+ will be introduced in their character leads and lineups.

So, the question begs: does this mean that Donald Duck is more than just friends with Mickey Mouse? Is Daisey Duck now frolicking under the covers with Minnie Mouse? And what about that curious relationship between Goofy and Pete? Plus, just where does good ol’ Pluto figure into this mess. Are the famous Chipmunks more than just ordinary chipmunks who love to make Donald’s life miserable? Or is there something more sinister going in that hole in the tree-truck we are not privy too? Are there to be no more Disney Princesses to be saved by knights in shiny armor or some handsome fellow? That remains to be seen.

This all makes the general public afraid and leery of what might be coming in the future from the Ultra-Progressive Disney production people? Perhaps the public will be forced to watch two leading Lesbian Princesses’ grinding against each other in the castle keep, while the so called “Hero Gay Prince” and his Transvestite Squire are too busy to bother with the fire eating Dragon as he burns the perfectly normal and average Heterosexual Village to the ground. But wait, it’s still possible that story is not done yet, as the Pedophile Wizard has saved all of the little village children from the Dragon, and has them safely tucked away where their Parents have no right to ask about them.

Fanciful story that. Yet, that is just what the LGBTQ+ community wants and craves. To be able to instruct and confuse our young children to slyly guide them into their lifestyle. It’s that simple, It’s that sick. The LGBTQ+ make up just a tiny fraction of the national community, indeed under 1% of the total population. Yet, they want to re-make all the laws for everyone and demand special status for just about everything one can imagine. The LGBTQ+ community is at the heart of the anti-American Culture Progressive Movement. And the Disney Corporation has now become the lead element in that progressive sick distorted muck.

But – there is the very interesting fact that House of Mouse is in the process of establishing a presence in some 10 Countries that have and seriously enforce Anti-Homosexual or if you want, Anti-Gay laws within their own cultures. How can Disney claim to represent American Values when it supports outright slavery and genocide within China, and other Anti-Gay countries? Disney calmly ignores China’s slavery of hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang Province.

How can Disney do this? It is simple, for the money, for the profit to their bottom line. And cast no eyes on anything else. Disney must keep Chaiman Zi happy in his work. 

Disney is no longer the Walt Disney’s Wide World of Color young Boomers grew up with on Sunday Night programing. Worse yet, it is no longer the trusted entity the Boomer Generation trusted with their kids.  It no longer promotes “American Family Values” or "American Culture", but instead supports a sick LGBTQ+ Woke Mob Agenda in a massive monetary effort to confuse American young age children on who they really are and what their sexuality is. Disney is now comfortable with taking that job over from the Parents!  All the while courting big money in other countries where anyone LGBTQ+ are openly arrested for being LGBTQ+ and executed. 

If that does not inform American Moms and their families just where the Disney folks really stand, what would? When Communist China tells Disney to jump, Disney is quick to ask how high and does it.

That is not the way the Disney should work. We stand with our Parents. Disney and School Boards cannot and must not be allowed to run amok when it comes to educating our children. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are what we send our kids to school to learn. And you can through in some history, ethics and computer studies in with those. But if the government, school board, board of education, or someone like Disney want to teach our kids to be Gay or Lesbian, or some other Queer, then they can bugger off!  That folks, is a distortion middle America will fight against.

The House of Mouse has become morally sickening as it takes up the battle to allow the LGBTQ+ Woke Mob to promote the Queer sexualizing of innocent underage children not only in the classroom, but while watching distorted Disney sexually indoctrinating product on television and movies. One has to wonder how this sexual distortion will show up in its future toys?