Are Your Clothes American Made? | Buy USA Made

Posted by American Mystique on 1st Sep 2019

Are Your Clothes American Made? | Buy USA Made

“Why buy American?” You ask yourself. “The foreign goods are cheaper.”

Yes, sometimes that is the case, however it does not mean you will receive the best and safest product for your money. Besides, buying American Products feeds the lifeblood of our own economy. When you buy foreign goods, even from an American Retailer, you put money into another countries economy, with very little staying in your own country.

When we use foreign products, we invest in the entire world economy, but there is a big difference between ‘investing’ and being overrun by foreign interests. You should not confuse the two. The more manufacturing we lose from our own country to foreign holdings, we are in danger of becoming entirely obliged to those foreign interests. If that is what you want or don’t mind, then buy all the foreign goods you can. But, don’t complain with those foreign interests start dictating to you, to your employer, and to your elected officials on every level. Manufacturing means money and we all know money is power.

If we loose our manufacturing base to foreign countries, then the shift of real power begins.

Though the economy is far better now, the U.S. Textile Industry is very sick and almost non-existent. Look now at the very clothes you are wearing or in your closet, and count how many articles you possess that sport a ‘Made in USA’ label. Not very many, are there?

Why is that? Huge and market dominate Discount Stores have done everything they can to kill the U.S. Textile Industry. First, they sold U.S. goods, signing huge contracts with factories, agreeing to sell everything that factory made. Then they demanded lower production pricing, even to the point of reducing the quality of the product. When it reached the point where these dominate Discount Stores could not achieve the ‘demanded’ lower production pricing, the factories cried ‘foul’, as they were already practically producing at a loss. So the Discount Stores disregarded the contracts with those factories, arbitrarily canceling all orders, in effect, dumping them.

Many American textile-manufacturing facilities closed and many factory workers lost jobs. However, America still produces the finest leather bomber jackets and best ever American Made men’s nylon jackets.

Yet, many American Companies who were still in business, now hire foreign companies to produce, or better yet, re-produce known ‘American Brands’ and effectively laid off workers within their American facilities.

Some CEO’s pulled up their entire factory and moved it to Mexico or to business offices off shore and hired Chinese factories to reproduce the goods to meet the Discount Stores demanded production pricing. Big named producers who are top brands within the American market place, names like Harley Davidson, Lee’s, Nike, Adidas, Penny’s, Sears, and Carhart have all now turned their apparel goods over to overseas interests and production. American workers are not paid to produce these goods. Even American athletes are wearing uniforms someone made on their sewing machine in China for a $0.50 a day. Many more sports uniforms and civilian apparel are now produced in China, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and Korea. These countries are even eclipsing Japan as a manufacturing power, because of their slave-like wages and willingness to produce huge quantities of poor product for dominate Brands.

America must find a way to reverse this process!  More products need to be manufactured in America and not moved overseas.