When Bad Weather Strikes | AmericanMystique.com

Posted by American Mystique on 6th May 2019

When Bad Weather Strikes | AmericanMystique.com

It’s the summer season for weather, - meaning rain, high winds, or even tornado or two.

Make sure you have a light jacket within reach to protect you from the elements, such as a water resistant jacket or rain gear of some type. Warmth plays a factor here as well.

It’s a good thing to just keep a jacket in the car or truck, something you can quickly get too and get onto your shoulders. You might have to get busy before finding shelter and you might need that little extra edge is protection.

The temperature can change quickly when any kind of weather front just happens to aim for where you are at. On the beach, in the boat, or just at the park or an event, a jacket within a short distance reach can mean everything to you in that precise moment of need.

Keeping a jacket close or in the car or truck is your first line of personal protection.

Another good piece of protection for after weather, is keeping a good sized dry towel in the back seat or behind the seat in a bag of some sort. If you or someone gets drenching wet, you can dry off before a chill can set in. It can be that important!

Remember, this type of protection you prepare for in advance. A dry towel can be a very special thing at the right moment you need it to be.

The problems nature can suddenly bring to any of us are mind-boggling. Desert sand winds, cold ocean winds that can chill, high plains winds that can bring needle-like raindrops that hurt. Tornado like winds blowing hail and debris into your face.

A Jacket and a dry towel can be necessary at these times. So pack a dry jacket and towel in your vehicle today, just so you have one when nature blows something you way.