False Websites, Emails, and Cryptocurrency

Posted by American Mystique on 5th Jul 2022

False Websites, Emails, and Cryptocurrency

Buying it because it’s “On Sale” may not be the best thing. Most legit retailers use “USD” as the payment system. If the website is asking you to pay in “Bitcoin” or some other value than the U.S. Dollar, you will be “Charged”, but most likely will not receive whatever you are buying. In all probability, you are buying a product on a copycat website.

The website shopping cart may even ask you to input your credit or debit card number to purchase the Bitcoins for payment. Once they have your information, you will be charged for the purchase, but no one is going to send you anything because they just hoodwinked you out of your money.

There are false dealers out there who want you to use some form of Cryptocurrency online to pay for your purchase. DON’T DO IT! It’s unfortunate for the buyer.

Henry Repeating Arms has undergone several legal actions to shut down false firearm dealers demanding payment in Cryptocurrency as payment. And other companies have experienced copycat websites that look and feel like the original company’s website. Even the images are copied and used falsely to fraud would be customers.

Its better to look, shop, and then call the company to inquire. Ask about the price and availability, and let them know you the website you are viewing. They’ll tell you if it’s real or not.

There are bad actors out there all over the world and they engage in fraud. Cryptocurrency is highly susceptible to false claims and uses. So be careful online. Go by the old adage: if it looks too good: it most likely isn’t. There has to be a catch to it. So, check and double check if you have too.

Fake emails are running amok too. Everyone gets them. Some just hit you spam filters but some also creep through. Examples are shown here:

Check the return address. Many Scammers will send scam emails to you offering prizes or discounts from Brand Name Companies. All you do is click and give up all your important information or that click will allow malware or ransomware to invade your device systems. Just remember, no one is giving you a free holiday here, just grief. And take time to educate your older family members and younger family members about clicking onto things they don’t know about or have not heard about.

Don’t click anything on that email. Just send it to your spam filters. That is the best policy.

Just remember, if you think it doesn't look right, feel right, or you can't remember ever signing on to something, then its spam and scam!  They are attempting to fool you into checking into it!  Don't. Just send it to your filters and move on with your life.