Five Timeless Truths for Everyone | American Mystique

Posted by American Mystique on 20th Apr 2022

Five Timeless Truths for Everyone | American Mystique

1. Perseverance gets up one more time than it goes down. Never Quit.

How many times have we witnessed an athlete suffer defeat or an injury and come back to win? Many. Boxing, football, and baseball have witnessed both individual players and team suffer defeat and injury and we have all seen come-backs that defied our imaginations and dreams. Perseverance is what dreams are really made of. Don’t ever quit, get back up and get right back at it! The true winner is the one who gets up one more time and continues to move forward. Where would the entire human race be without “Perseverance”?

2. What ends some careers launches others.

You just got fired from your job! What do you do now? What are you thinking? How can you explain what happened? How do you face your friends and family now? What did you do to get fired? Why did it come to this? A thousand questions start flowing through your mind and your emotions are despondent.

Your next actions, next thoughts, next decisions or your next move may be the best or greatest you ever made! Opportunity knocks more than once. In fact, it is knocking right now and has been at your door all the time, you just did not notice it. But it’s there, waiting for you to step toward it, to embrace it, to glory in your discovery of it.

Quarterback Tom Brady is a prime example in this case. Drafted low, setting on the bench and his career was pretty much not going anywhere soon. Tom finally was sent into a game when the top QB was hurt and had to come out of the game. Tom Brady went in, took his place, and never looked back. Now he is called the G.O.A.T.; the Greatest of All Time, winning more Super Bowls than any other Quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

Sometimes you just need to find that right niche where you can launch yourself to greatness. Its waiting for you, --you just have to find it.

3. At the end of their lives people count their greatest obstacles as their greatest blessings. No Pain--No Gain. Your Life will not be prefect.

Learning is the real blessing. Wisdom comes from learning. The deepest satisfaction from winning and achieving success comes from learning from your failures and those obstacles placed in your way. Life is never perfect for anyone. Just when you think Life is great, Life will bite you in the butt, and hand you trouble. It is that uncertainty that lends you the opportunity and grace for learning and developing wisdom to meet the needs of the situation or circumstance. Always remember this: God never sets us up to fail. We do that pretty much ourselves. Instead, keep focused on the challenges ahead and always be grateful for any opportunity to learn something new. New knowledge increases your arsenal.

4. To experience Success, You Prepare for Success. Real Opportunities are few, be ready for them when they come.

You never just win; you prepare for victory. Many of the top coaches in sport know this. Many of the worlds self-made millionaires also know this. If you don’t prepare to win, you most likely will suffer more defeat and let downs than you want. Opportunities cry out for those who are prepared for the opportunity when it occurs. You must be ready and able for opportunity. It has been said that “Fortune favors the Brave”, but that is often not the case, not really. “Fortune favors He who is Prepared” is more tangible than most think. Don’t blame God or other people. Your own choices are your real problems.

Remember your Tsun Tsue and his masterpiece, Art of War; “a Battle is always won before it is fought, study and know your enemy.” Know the challenge before you, and study it well before you undertake it. Take an interview for a job as an example. Learn what you can about the company and the position, before you do the interview. That knowledge could make you look a keeper.

5. The difference between confidence and fear is a matter of personal focus and preparation for opportunity.

Your vehicle failed to start. You can’t get to work. You have to either fix it or find a shop to come and fix it. But, you don’t’ have the money. What do you do then? Panic!

But wait, you remembered your savings account! You do have the money to fix it! You prepared in advance for this moment, and now you can call a shop to come and get your vehicle and you can take the bus or call a cab to take you to work. The prepared and have confidence in how to handle this issue rather than expressing fear of losing you job. Being prepared in advance can give you the confidence to take on anything and to take advantage of the endless opportunities that surround you.

To achieve real success, you need to bring the fire. That fire comes from the winds of Heaven. Use the confidence God put in your heart. With both – You can achieve anything you put your mind too!