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Posted by American Mystique on 16th Oct 2021

Free Speech | Bill of Rights | American Mystique

Today, we all witness TV personalities, pundits, college students, stating their opinion on Free Speech. Colleges and Universities large and small have created “Free Speech Safe Zones” on their campuses. As if an American needs a special zone to offer their opinions. We have to ask what those campus professors and administrators where smoking when they came up with drivel. Even the most uneducated American knows they have Free Speech guaranteed by our Constitution. However, we often ignore that these academia’s are fond of creating their professional but twisted explanations to pry young minds down the babble road of confusion.

Why do Americans have Free Speech in our Constitution? Its simple. Europe was governed by Kings at the time of the American Revolution. European Governments could imprison any individual or group for speaking out against their policies or laws. And they did. Any individual could be rounded up and shoved into a dungeon cell for just speaking up against some noble or government official, even a local magistrate. No court ordered warrant. No witnesses were necessary. Just a rumor was enough. Sedition was serious business back then and you had to really watch what came out of your mouth, even what you might whisper, even to yourself. Anyone who coveted your position, your property, your wife or kids, could accuse you of speaking sedition, whereby you would be rounded up in the middle of night, or even on the street in broad daylight, and never seen again.

The Founding Fathers knew this of course, and were determined to put a stop to it. Each of the Founding Fathers spoke up again Briton’s King George, and incurred his rath, warrants of sedition and rebellion. If caught, they would hang for their open speech against the King and his officials, his government, and for sedition against the realm.

In other words, the Founding Fathers were going to rid this new nation of trumped-up charges of “he said this, he said that, or he said what”, were not going to hold anyone in danger of arrest or imprisonment.

But now we are faced with a new danger. A serious danger. Woke Counter Culture groups are attacking the Free Speech given and guarded by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Counter Culture Woke Colleges and University’s are attacking their own students who engage in ideas or ideology that is not as liberal as they think they should be. The Woke County Culture attacks them, doing everything to humiliate them, denigrate them, to cause their expulsion, professors given them failing grade no matter what they do in class, and many are driven from attending the college or university of their choice. That is not America.

Social Media Woke groups attack others on their platforms if they don’t agree with their liberalized or progressive attitudes or agendas. This is not what social media platforms were originally created, but in today’s world, they have become platforms for personal attack and humiliation. Free Speech is not on social media platforms, nor is it respected.

What our brave Founding Fathers created is being quickly destroyed. Ignorance and ideological agendas are driving Free Speech into the trash.