Posted by American Mystique on 9th Nov 2017

Nylon Bomber Jackets have a long History

A Nylon Bomber Jacket or flight jacket is a Style that has a long and proven track record for over 70 years. It’s simplicity of style and fit are so hard to beat that even in our contemporary times, it’s a Top Seller for Retailers.

the Nylon Bomber Jackets. All are made with some style of nylon/cotton blends and are now far lighter in wear and a few are more warmer in heavy cold weather than leather. But the fit and the desire for a well made in the USA Nylon Bomber Jacket are the same. It’s popularity never ceases..

( – Noting the ever increasing and successful abuse of search terms by spamming websites geared to misdirect apparel search traffic in major search engines, Dave Adams, owner and founder of, a business devoted to offering traditional leather bomber jackets and flight jackets made in the USA, issued the following statement:

History can often surpass modern fashion. Especially when it comes to nylon bomber jackets. The Bomber Style Textile Fabric Jackets approved by General Hap Arnold for use by B17 Flying Fortress Crews is still the number one style sold on the jacket market today.

Two styles of bomber jackets were used at first, the B10, made of canvas in 1943 and the later B15 style. Both were popular with the flight crews during the war years and are still popular today with emergency and law enforcement personnel. But how about the General Public? Well, it seems they can’t get enough of this jacket either.

The problem facing the bomber crews over Europe was the cold at 30,000 feet with open windows for .50cal gun mounts. So heavy Leather A2 Bomber Jackets with even heavier Sheepskin pelt B3 Shearling Jackets were used to combat the very cold that froze up the working parts of their weapons in high altitude flying. So the Air Corps started to experiment with heated apparel. The first jacket was the F2 which went along with some heated trousers. The wearer just plugged himself in when on station in the aircraft.

However, a new cotton canvas jacket, the B10 surfaced as U.S. Air Corp Issued Wear in 1943.. It featured a fur collar and closely replicated a U.S. Navy G1 with its looks and front patch pockets. It became popular with many B24 ground crews and flight crew members. Why was this new design favored so much, ---it was far cheaper to manufacture that the expensive Leather A2 Bomber Jacket and the B10 offered excellent protection the cold weather.

Still, another cotton-nylon blend jacket made its appearance in 1944, the B-15 Bomber Jacket. This new style jacket featured also featured a fur collar, but came with easy use Slash Pockets. The style at that time also featured a zipper front that was just off center to the right. Yet, it was a quilted design with heavy filler that is still popular today!

Back then both the B-10 and B15 Bomber Jackets were popular with the flight crews, and the civilian apparel market took advantage of that popularity. However, they somehow forgot there were two different styles and began to call all textile jackets of that mold, a B15 style Bomber Jacket.

So if a jacket has patch pockets or slash pockets, the market place and manufacturers just call them all the same style today – the B15 Bomber Jacket Or the Nylon Bomber Jacket. All are made with some style of nylon blend and are now far lighter in wear and a few are more warmer in heavy cold weather than leather. But the fit and the desire for a well made in the USA Nylon Bomber Jacket are the same. It popularity never ceases.