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Posted by American Mystique on 28th Feb 2023

Oil Prices Rising | AmericanMystiqu.come

Americans are already seeing the cost of diesel and gas rise at the pumps. Some experts are claiming that crude oil could see $100 a barrel as America continues to import more and more oil against shutting down its own oil wells and fracking processes.

This raises the price on everything! Material, the cost of bring the products to your local store, and production lines. Everything made will see increases in production and materials and those extra costs will be handed down to you, the consumer. Those high prices are not just at the pump, but in everything you will buy in the next coming months. Unfortunately, there does not see to be any light at the tunnel, in the seeable future.

Leather jackets, textile jackets, and everything cotton, including T-Shirts are already noticing higher price increases at the manufacturer and distributer level. Many of these items are realizing close to 100% increase in Distributer prices.

And those higher prices could conceivably get higher throughout the year.

Both USA Made products and foreign made items will see massive price increases to do slow dock unloading and higher diesel prices for truckers to deal with.

Manufacturers are having to shut down some models so they will increase slightly what models exist to make up lost margins. So will Retailers. Some products are already dropping out of circulation do to material loss and slowed down line production.

This all is handed down to the consumer in high pricing. Living on a limited income will become hard and its not going to ease up over the next year. In fact, it could get worse for some families.

Buying electric cars will not solve the issues either. Electric cars and trucks will being an increase in taxation on milage and license fees as fuel taxes are diminished. Yet, the country is not ready for non-gas vehicles yet. The infrastructure for electric vehicles does not exist yet. And regular folks can’t afford the price of these new vehicles. New vehicle prices have reached a point where most folks will pass up buying a new car or truck. This has caused used vehicle prices to skyrocket out of the roof.

Its total inflation all across the board for every American Family and already we are seeing price gouging on certain products. Already, we are noticing higher meat prices and sometimes a lack of certain cuts of meat. Sometimes milk is handy and then the shelves are empty. And the prices keep rising for everyone.

As long as the United States is dependent on foreign oil, inflation will not stop. As long as America has to burn foreign oil, pricing will be high and will grow even higher. And if the Russians and Arabs shut down their production to hurt the United States, what then?