Our World Upside Down. Can we hope to change it

Posted by Opinion by American Mystique on 25th May 2022

Our World Upside Down. Can we hope to change it

We’ve now experienced several school mass shootings. Children murdered in cold blood by individuals who should not own or be in possession of a firearm. Those parents and teachers left behind as survivors are in a different world than the rest of us live in. How do you lose a child and survive? Some parents are now going to live in that realm.

The very day of and after the shooting, one political side is bawling for legislative gun control, claiming that will solve the problem. Really? A few insist that the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment is to blame for these school and shopping mall shootings. Really?

There has been a long time standing “lawlessness” pervading throughout the land for the last 70 years or so. And it has little to do with any Constitutional Amendments.

We stopped listening in church and some of us stopped going to church. Church also changed, trying to become more modern and appealing to church goers.  But, these churches don't teach "God or the Bible".  Then we took "Prayer" out of our schools and out of other programs. In some places, we also took our pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag away from many of our school class rooms, meetings and other programs.  then we allowed an idiot to insert something called "CRT" into our classrooms, further confusing and dividing our students and society as a whole. Now there is lawlessness and mass killings.  The "Haves" verses the "Victims".  And we as a society wonder, why this happened?  

We became more interested in advocating for easy full-term abortion of human babies while advocating to “Save the Whales”, Save the Trees, and other wild life, including saving the enviroment. We found all fault with our country’s founding fathers, while our children became infatuated with music and lyrics that called women and girls “bitches”, and extolled violence against our police. We even allowed such disgusting shock to be allowed on the radio and television until it became normal. The abnormal has become the new norm within our society.

So now we are shocked when an 18-year-old walks into an elementary school and kills. At least it is good that some of us are still shocked at this behavior. But that does not solve our distress, it does not solve the issues facing us today.

Back in the day, people were certainly different. They were more civil, more kind to each other. That is not the case today.

Kids can play video games, scoring points and taking their game to higher levels by “killing” others in the game, or “killing” certain characters within the game. Is that what we teach now? Wholesale robbery at gun point, street game beatings of old people walking down the street minding their business. Is that what we teach now? Mass “Looting” of stores downtown, just for the fun of something to do? Is that what we teach now?

We know Advertising sinks into the subconscious, our minds re-mastered into remembering what brands are famous and worth buying. But we casually dismiss the brain-washing effects from violence in video games and gutter rap music on our school kids and how desensitizing it becomes on our total society. IN other words, we take away the good our society has and instead, allow pure crap and distortion to guide our youth and expect that same youth to become solid well-balanced adults.

Life doesn’t work that way. The killing at Sandy Hook and Uvalde are solid proof that our society is upside down. Eliminating one sentence in the U.S. Constitution is not going to solve this problem.

Think had about it – We now have grown-ups demanding full term abortion, but expressing disgust at the killing of children in a school. There is certainly something iniquitous with that thought process. You can’t have it both way and make sense to others. Its upside down.