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Posted by American Mystique on 4th Sep 2019

American Polo Sport Shirt | Buy USA Made | American Mystique

The Polo Sport Shirt has become an American staple in apparel wear. Everywhere you these days, to work or to the office, or just in casual settings, the Polo Sport Shirt is dominating men’s wear and its climbing up the charts in women’s wear as well. But just what is it and where did it come from and why do we love it so?

Americans love their T-shirts. Cool, soft, breezy and light, Americans took to the T-Shirt like a puppy to a big juicy bone. But there has always been that little glitch or wall in menswear for certain situations. Formal and Business just did not mix with the Casual. Men wore suit and tie for more formal occasions and would not dress down much, even for casual. There were front buttoned casual shirts for casual wear. However, the T-Shirt sort of broke into that frame and slowly worked its way into acceptable casual wear for young Boys teenagers during the 1930’s and the style was pure white. It stayed that way all the way through to the 1950’s Hop Generation. But even then, school dances still expected some form of ‘formal/casual’ dress shirt to be worn by the young males.

Enter the 1960’s and big Rock and Roll Bands that captured the younger generation’s attention with the changing dress styles of icon band members. On the sports scene, younger competitors started to wear a new shirt, the polo shirt, given its name from the actual sport of Polo. The Polo shirt had been around for awhile, but it captured the golf scene completely and it stayed there.

With the younger 1960’s and 1970’s generation, cloths and apparel took on some unique and strange looks for a short time. But as these generations became older, the Polo Sports shirt began to show it on the factory floor more and more. It was much better that wearing some heavier shirt and it was cooler, more comfortable. There it stayed for some time. Sports teams soon adopted the men’s Golf Shirt as its everyday shirt and game shirt as well. It was nothing in the 1980’s and 1990’s to see workers wearing some form of Polo Sports Shirt to work while the manager or supervisor wore a white dress shirt with tie. With the hard working middle class, that tie was going to disappear from the factory floor soon.

Polo Sports shirts began to appear in a wide variety of sizes and colors and weaves. As they improved, they became much more acceptable to the apparel establishment, and Polo Sports Shirts began to break down a lot of situational apparel boundaries.

More and more throughout the 1990’s and into the next century, floor managers and supervisors were coming to work in Polo Sports Shirts. The Polo Sports Shirt was invading the higher up offices on many factories and business, including insurance agents and even city government offices.

Today, the Polo Sport Shirt dominates the business world of the Middle Class and is even invading Wall Street. American love it and are discovering its exceptional uses.

Yes, the Men’s Polo Shirt comes from guys playing a game on horseback, but the style of shirt is clearly now on the most important shirt in any man’s dresser or closet. And as more and more people are now working with computers, more women are wearing the Men’s Polo Sports Shirt as well. Even the world of fashion, the work place often dictates what people really wear, and the Polo Sports Shirt is answering a distinctive need, both at home for casual wear, but also at work in a wide variety of business arenas.