Shipping Realities for this Christmas! | Signature

Posted by on 14th Dec 2017

Shipping Realities for this Christmas! | Signature

Shipping and Delivery Times -There is still time to get gifts under the tree this season, but purchasing Online and having the item shipped is going to be cut and dried in the Shopping Cart, however the real world is not running on shopping cart time.  Carriers are swamped at this time of the year and today is no exception.  Then there are those delivery problems that always seem to creep in.

Let’s start with normal ground shipping. Forget the carrier, they all have problems this time of year and UPS is really running the gauntlet this season. There have been major news articles about UPS running behind due to the shear volume of packages it is being asked to deliver. That should say something about UPS’s popularity with the U.S. Buying Public. However, even they can only handle so much. And when the warehouses run behind, then it’s a real mess!

Purchasing Shipping in anyone’s Online Shopping cart has one huge drawback. The time delivery time frame is only valid when the package leaves the dock! Not when you buy it.

Real time shipping never works like the public supposes, or has been led to understand through commercials and ads. Many times, the shippers do not live up to expectations due to weather, backorders, or just being crushed under huge volume seasonal buying. This is already happening again this year. So, expect delays and expect crushed packages, and expect slow delivery no matter what was clicked in the cart.

2nd Day Delivery, 3rd Day Delivery, and even 1st Day Delivery is a purchasing package that is not perfect and never will be. Company warehouses are under no obligation for any purchased delivery, only getting the item to the dock. Then the Delivery Carrier is responsible for the Purchased Delivery Time once they get ahold of the package. No one retailer or warehouse can guarantee the advertised “perception” of the major shipping carriers. Remember, Mr. and Mrs. Customer, you along with everyone else have been sold a bill of “Perception” regarding Shipping capabilities. The national shipping capabilities are rather respectable, but they are not perfect and never will be.

Not all products are shipped from the same location. So, a company may have to have an item shipped to central location before shipping to the Customer.

Just remember, 2nd Day Shipping only means after the package leaves the dock! When warehouse run behind or low on stock, the dock plays a huge roll in the shipping problem. If they are over loaded, its first come – first served by purchase date. Many major warehouses are behind and with UPS and other carriers running behind, it makes for a huge delivery mess.

Today’s Online business market involves many people on a national scale, just to ship one package! Think of that. That is a rather awesome undertaking when you wrap you head around all the required logistics.

So, buckle up and be ready for delays.

Signature Required! We believe Adult Signature should be required for any shipped purchase over $25.00. It’s a small fee extra fee, but it allows you, our customer, a much more increased chance for a safe and secure delivery of that B3 Jacket. Anything expensive should have to be signed for at the point of delivery. If not, then your delivery may start to disappear quick. When you buy something from us, we want to have you receive, not just set by the door and have someone walk off with it.

Some have become quite good at stealing delivery right under the hand of the deliver guy and in a wide variety of ways. Some will even try to “falsely sign” for your delivery, pretending to be you or a loved one. Don’t fool yourself, they do follow the delivery trucks, looking for any open window to steal your delivery.

Pay Attention Here: Without Signature Required, purchase redeeming & purchase replacement from walk-away-theft from the door, are becoming much more difficult. Many retailers and delivery carriers consider the item “fully delivered” and that is that. You are on your own. So, have that “proper Signature” ready and an alternate delivery option ready if you can’t be there.

You do need adult Signature for such purchases to secure delivery and prevent walk-away theft of your package.