Shopping for Christmas is Changing Fast!

Posted by American Mystique on 16th Nov 2021

Shopping for Christmas is Changing Fast!

In the past, everyone just ordered what they wanted and had it sent to them. Now today, with the shortages and the supply chain issues facing all American Shoppers, shopping for Christmas under the Tree is a whole new experience and at times not as satisfying as in the past. Far too many products (or presents if you will) are up for online sale, but many are not in stock! So, what are we as shoppers to do?

Check the stock first! Some websites have the stock listed, some don’t. That is not an issue. A quick inquiry with the store will answer those issues. But, you should “ask about stock first”. This will save you problems later down the road.

Call or email about that item and ask if it “exists” in the stock. Can you get it, and “when can you get it?” Have them check first before you order. If it in stock, then you can order it then right over the phone.

Supply Chain issues are creating “product sizing stock issues” as well. Some apparel might see stocks full of one size and empty for another. It pays to ask first!

And let’s forget all about those many ship loads floating off the coast of California. That is not going to have anything to do about stock shortages for the bulk of products that are currently in short supply. There is a whole different reason for our supply shortages.

The real reason for this current Christmas shopping supply chain disruption is that many companies that have Chinese manufacture to make their products overseas at cheaper pricing are silently moving much of their production to other regions in the world.

It appears that European Union Manufacturers and U.S. Companies are in the act of switching a lot of their factory settings. Seriously, it looks like “Made in China” may become scarcer in the near future. Whole production lines are currently being moved to Eastern Europe and to South America along with Central America. China may be out when it comes to many products in the current climate.

Companies are interested in making a profit, not in being given political marching orders from the Chinese. American Retailers are currently busy looking for products to sell to the public that are not “Made in China” because their customer base is rebelling at the cash register. They want something either “Made in USA” or “Made Somewhere Else”. Many of the larger Retailers are moving their productions to Mexico and other countries. It seems “Made in China” is developing an increasing bad taste in people’s shopping preferences.

And the Chinese are not helping the current situation with their saber rattling in the China Sea area. Taiwan and Japan are key trading partners with both European and American interests. Indonesia is also included in that manufacturing interest, but both European and American companies are turning their gaze away from China’s factories and seeking other areas of the world where they can find more friendly countries to produce their wares.

It appears that the world is becoming tired of tiptoeing around the Communist Chinese just to do business. Far to many big retail companies are losing money doing business with Chinese factories. Losing money and losing production.

The Communists in the Chinese Government have failed to learn the most important of all Capitalist lessens. You lose money, you get fired. Its that simple. You don’t produce, you get replaced. Even in our sports, this holds very true.

So next Christmas, you might expect to see less “Made in China” labels and more “Made Somewhere Else” labels.