Posted by American Mystique on 6th Oct 2017

Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous.

Bradley, Hodges, and Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous. This garment is made in the United States of America. No other jacket has the special look to it that the look of 100% shee …

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Posted by American Mystique on 2nd Aug 2017

The B3 Flight Jacket | Sheepskin | History

The B3 flight jacket is well known as the best flight jacket throughout history. It was first designed in 1920's by a man named Leslie Irvin. In 1926, Leslie Irvin opened his own manufacturing company …

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Posted by American Mystique on 25th Jul 2017

Shearling Bomber Jacket | Patton B3 Bomber Jacket

The B3 sheepskin bomber jacket was first produced in the US in 1934. It was first developed by the US Army Air Force. The aviators who operated the B-17s and B-24s in the skies above Europe during Wor …

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Posted by American Mystique on 20th Jul 2017

Shearling Bomber Jackets | Sheepskin | USA Made

The Shearling jackets have come a long way before their popularity. They are made from Shearling, also known sheepskin. Its original state was as a car forecourt fabric as well as in the military in t …

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Posted by American Mystique on 8th Jun 2017

1942 England Heavy Bombers Arrive | Bomber Jackets

When the Flying Fortress B17, and the Liberator B24 Heavy Bombers flew over to England in early 1942, their bomber crews took the best leather bomber jackets on the planet with them. What were the …

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