Posted by American Mystique on 6th Oct 2017

Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous.

Bradley, Hodges, and Patton made the General's B3 Bomber Jacket famous. This garment is made in the United States of America. No other jacket has the special look to it that the look of 100% shee …

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Posted by American Mystique on 27th Jun 2017

WWII Rationed Clothes and Shoes | American Mystique

ClothingWe only have scarce information on clothing during the World War II period, in which the army needed up to 64 million flannel shirts,165 million coats & 229M pair of trousers. Consumption …

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Posted by American Mystique on 4th Apr 2017

Sheepskin Advantages | American Mystique

Outstanding warmth Gaining popularity during the Second World War, sheepskin bomber jackets provided exceptional warmth to aircrew that sometimes flew at altitudes above 30,000 feet. The crimp …

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