The Type A2 Leather Bomber Jacket | American Mystique

Posted by American Mystique on 9th Mar 2023

The Type A2 Leather Bomber Jacket | American Mystique

The Type A2 Bomber jacket is one of the classiest leather jackets ever design and manufactured. Its appeal within the Military and its public attraction has given the leather bomber jacket it influence.

The Type A2 Bomber Jacket has lent its form, shape, and applications to many of today’s modern jackets, just like the WWI Trench Coat became the coat of the businessman on Wall Street and later throughout the country.

No jacket in history has more allure and fascination that the Type A2 Leather Bomber Jacket. The jacket was design and applied to enhance an individual’s military bearing and to present a pleasing appearance while standing in formation.

While pleasing to the eye, the Type A2 Military version of the leather bomber jacket presents a heroic snap-shot of who ever wear one, even if for a casual night out of the town. Its an image maker and demands our attention to the wearer. If you wear a Type A2, you are a man’s man, someone of special interest and enticing to the opposite sex. No doubt about it, women are attracted to a man who wears an A2 Bomber.

And every other jacket that has been made and presented on the apparel market owes its existence to the original Type A2 commissioned by the Army Air Corps. It’s the most copied jacket in the world and has been for decades.

Even board room Presidents and CEO’s have learned that walking into any business meeting wearing a sharp looking Type A2 Leather Bomber Jacket gets everyone’s immediate attention and deference. People grow quiet and turn their ears towards that person wearing such a jacket of leadership.

The men who wear A2’s are generally leaders. Even women during WWII who flew aircraft from the factories to their units in the states wore the Type A2 Bomber Jacket and no one messed with them. Those women were highly trained flyers who knew their business.