Tighter Security Measures for Home Devices

Posted by American Mystique on 19th Apr 2022

Tighter Security Measures for Home Devices

Due to the recent war as Russia invades Ukraine and the fear of Chinese and North Korean Hackers, many platforms are devising new and more complicated security measures to protect, namely, you and your ability to function through your many home and travel devices. Your phone, you tablet, and home laptop or desk computer are all vulnerable to the highly exaggeratedly sophisticated software of these intruders. The damage and difficulty they can wreak both personal and societal is undeniable.

Many companies have undergone a tightening for their security. Many more, who have been lazy in their security, are now tightening up. American Business has been slow to grasp the problem and so have many individual Americans, especially the older generation and the younger generation who have been playing around on the Chinese “Tic Tok” platform.

Many platforms now require two security phases to enter and some even three. Passwords are becoming more intricate even for casual users. And they undergo chance and alteration much more often these days. Its for your protection and the protection of the online infrastructure where almost everyone is these days in our modern societal models.

You will have to be patient and deal with the extra difficulties these expanded security measures may cause you. Its for your protection after all and the protection of our nation security.

Imagine the electric grid going down. How are you going to buy anything? How are you going to pump gas? What about just living normally at home with no electricity to operate anything? How would schools operate with electricity, no gas, no light, no heat?

How would you buy anything? Not even your credit or debit cards would be able to be used.

Big Commerce just announced on their business platform that the pin and identifying numbers for there many business customers will not appear at the top of the screen anymore. A serious security measure in case of unknown spyware on computers that no one may even know about.

Some companies have been shut down for days to a whole week because of a replicating virus or ransom ware. The eastern part of the U.S. suffered a gas shortage because a large gas pipeline was shut down by hackers outside the country. If anything, it showed us our vulnerabilities. They can shut your device down or cause damage or just make life difficult for you.

Email is a handy source for viruses, ransomware, or malware. You need to scrutinize incoming email very carefully even before opening it. Some email platforms are pretty good stopping spam and unwanted email, other are not. If you need to change email addresses, then consider an email platform that is good at stopping bad email in general and will allow you to scrutinize email before it damages you.

So how does the device operator get these dangerous virus or ransom ware or malware? By opening attachments in your email. Or downloading from a malicious website. Opening attachments is tricky, because the attachment can be from someone you know or trust! Malicious websites can mimic real and legitimate websites! Are you buying from Walmart? Or a website that looks like the Walmart website? Check that URL and look for the security symbol.

Then there is Malvertising! A malicious advertisement found online or in your email, or they sent it as a text! Click-it and you have instant trouble!

So, what can we do to protect our personal devices?

We are always going to be susceptible to these relentless threats. We will always be prone to viruses and malware and ransomware. And keep updating your devices and your systems, your browsers, and even update the apps regularly. Eliminate any software flaws is you can by updating your software on a regular schedule. And as you do this, check and double check the source you download from. Plus, schedule regular update to your device or computer on a regular time frame.