Tactical Bomber Jacket | American Mystique

Posted by American Mystique on 8th Feb 2019

Tactical Bomber Jacket | American Mystique

The men’s modern Tactical Bomber Jacket with Deluxe Dual Collar and removable Liner is designed for the modern man who needs that extraordinary jacket for both work or casual wear.

Its 27 inches long taslin shell gives stylish features and a cultured neat look for any man on the go. Combined full cut fit with epaulets and front patch pockets also lend a nice semi military look that is always popular. And it comes with dual entry pockets with a snap down pocket flap. Plus a heavy duty zipper that men like.

The Tactical Bomber Jacket has quickly become a standard icon with civilian service agencies, bus drivers, Legion and VFW Posts, Truck Drivers, Dock Workers, and any other outdoor employment. It looks good dressed up with shirt and tie or just casual on the gold course or fishing boat. The Tactical Bomber Jacket seems to fit any and all occasions for needed wear.

But that is due to the Tactical bomber Jacket’s relaxed fit and impressive looks. Its so much more than just a good looking jacket. A comfy warm removable quilted Liner complements its already 8 ounce polyester fill shell. This keeps you snug and warm in any wind and chilly temperatures, even to -30 to -40 below zero which is where we tested it at.

Its formidable and a real cut above the competition. And its fast becoming the most popular jacket for clubs and organizations due to its warmth, great looks, and reliability against the weather.

And there is even more! The inside removable liner is not only a heavy quilted protections, but it goes beyond most jacket liners. This liner goes down the sleeve to add super warmth and protection for your arms, especially the outside of your shoulders. With the webbed cuffs and waist, you can shut the cold air out.

The Pile Collar is removable if you like or wear it for even more warmth for your neck area.

One more easy but wonderful fact is the liner and the jacket are machine washable. A gentle wash and dry and you have a jacket that returns to that great fit just like it was new.

With the Tactical Bomber Jacket, wear, warmth, and top quality looks are all key factors working men can’t ignore.