WE STAND FOR OUR FLAG! | AmericanMystique.com

Posted by American Mystique on 13th Dec 2019

WE STAND FOR OUR FLAG! | AmericanMystique.com

American Mystique is an American Company. We support our Troops and we cherish our Flag. Why not? It is the Flag of our Nation, our Republic, our history, our glory, and our Founding Fathers who faced horrible perils to present this precious gift of Freedom to us all. It is also the Flag many have died and bled for. The freedom the American Flag represents for each individual has only remained through our sacrifices. American Mystique recognizes that our country, the United States, is exceptional with exceptional first rate people. Our Company adamantly refuses to accept or recognize anything less. We Stand for Our Flag – The Stars & Stripes.

The Stars & Stripes represents the support for the Constitution as written and sustains both its glorious history and its continuation. From time to time, our Constitution has seen Amendments, some that have served well, and others not so well. But it is the best we have or will ever have. No other form of government has every surpassed it.

American Mystique supports the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, as we support all of the Bill of Rights for all Americans. We fully support and appreciate what our Bill of Rights gives our Nation and our people no matter their color, background, religion, or creed. We recognize that some may fail to appreciate what they have been given and cause our Republic pain and anguish. Yet, we are all Americans and the Flag we stand for reminds of that.

We support our Troops. All of them, from those that fly, to those that sail, to those who sleep in the mud and those who back them all up. They sacrifice to go in harm’s way while the rest of us enjoy our daily lives. And we give pause for those real heroes who did not come back and are not with their loved ones today. Everything we are is a direct result of their sacrifice over the many score of years this Nation has survived. It must give all a great pause when we recall that most of the ever hungry and ill-clad American Continental Soldiers who stood watch in the freezing cold and wet snows of Valley Forge were around 14 to 16 years old. It was their stead fast sacrifice that helped to create a new nation of freedom for all.

American Mystique appreciates the importance of an educated electorate. Only with a continued educated and civic minded electorate, can our country continue to grow and maintain its treasured freedoms and culture. Our youth is our most priceless asset with our fathers and mothers our most precious endowment. Our young must never be allowed to undergo dumbing-down from agenda driven elitists who only seek status enrichment to reap power over weak and impressionable minds.

We believe America is exceptional. We must stay that way for our Freedom is dependent on our ability to imagine and create. Our nation relies on our high level of intelligence and creativity. America is and always has been a nation of “Can Do and Make it Happen”. No matter what may happen in our future, Americans must never forget who we are and what we are able in accomplishing. We are the Americans. There has never been anyone in the world’s history like us. We must never forget that. Americans never take a back seat to anyone, nor should we.