What does Your Jacket say about You? | American Mystique

Posted by American Mystique on 30th Aug 2019

What does Your Jacket say about You? | American Mystique

So what is really in a Man’s Jacket when it’s riding on his shoulders? It should be telling us a little about the man of course. Yet, a good well made man’s jacket or coat should radiate some self-determination, lots of composure, and last but not the least, self-confidence.

Look, the military has known that from many years back. That is why so many military fashion designs have entered the civilian apparel market. In the military, a man is supposed to be in command of himself, and his responsibility. If in command of others, the military wanted to create the appearance of command. So at first they hung a big chain around his neck and put some piece of metal attached to it to signify his status and responsibilities.

Over time, it was decided that it was not enough. The very high privileged could buy favor or status and title, but it was learned over time that responsibility, confidence, or composure did not necessarily come with being high born.

Those who possessed confidence and could be resourceful and command the respect of others did not necessarily need some huge chain of rank. Soon someone came up with the idea that all of the troops should dress alike and in the same colored uniform. Military fashion was born.

But a good look was needed. Over the centuries, uniforms were designed and used. They usually followed the civilian mode of dress. It was around WWI that civilian apparel began to really copy military designs and fashions. The WWI long Trench Coat with its epaulets and wide lapels and waist belt was a huge success, so much so that big business soon demanded that all men wear a sharp looking Trench Coat. The Trench Coat became the standard for men’s wear.

The military “blouse” soon became the fashion for men’s business suits, without the waist belt. The leather jackets issued with the military soon became normal wear in the civilian market. The design was good looking, sharp, and vary manly looking and it was already there, ready for use.

And the Military fashion will still influence both men’s and women’s fashion in the coming years. Camouflage is a hit now, both in the military, and in men’s and women’s clothing right down to T-shirts and even shoes.

So a man should look for that individual jacket or coat that suits him. It needs to tell the world who he really is. So the next time you are thinking of buying a jacket or coat, think a minute about yourself. It is you that is the story and your choice of jacket can tell a little bit about that story.