Frack Joe Biden© Tee Shirt

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Frack Joe Biden© Tee Shirt with Oil Derrick

The "Frack Joe Biden Tee Shirt", an exclusively Licienced Product in Black from American Mystique. With this shirt, you let everyone know you want lower gas and oil prices! Everyone knows the real issues surrounding our current oil and gas problems and the President has continually refused to drill for more oil, and refused to allow the oil companies to unleash their skills in both drilling for oil and in fracking for more oil.  with Keystone shut down and even the Canadian pipelines shut down at the border, our gas pump prices are skyrocketing higher and higher with no end in sight.  Comes with Betsy Ross Flag on sleeve.

It might also come in very very dark Navy Blue (pending availability of colors).  Sizes are from Large to 4XL (again pending on availabilities).